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Facebook Vs. Twitter


Ah… the two major social networking sites. It almost seems as they rose up over night, and then Myspace just kind of disappeared. When any social networking site pops up, people tend to be a bit skeptical of “What the hell is the appeal of this? I don’t actually care where some person I just met two days ago at the market is eating dinner tonight and I also don’t really need pictures of this person cluttering up my news feed when I really haven’t even spoken to this person for more than 5 minutes” Facebook, at first, seems to overwhelm us with seemingly pointless information about people we barely know, making it feel as if we’ve been best friends with said person for years. Yet, as strange as it sounds… that is exactly what people seem to want these days. Facebook has become one of the most popular social networking sites around, because apparently we actually do care about what other people were doing and we do actually want to see all of their pictures in slideshow format from their last trip to Mexico. Or… we’re just hoping to see them embarassing themselves. Either way, we actually do care.


Twitter. It became incredibly popular shortly after Facebook. Bands and artists used it to quickly and easily communicate their messages to their fans in under 140 characters. Businesses, or taco trucks, use Twitter to announce their locations. To a non Tweeting spectator, Twitter seems even more pointless for the individual. There are no games, no videos, way too much Charley Sheen, and simply announcing whatever is on your mind. This is the epitome of “WTF???”… yet again this site has become one of the most social networking destinations.


Now, despite my rants above, I am an avid Facebook user. I separate myself from the others by not adding every person I’ve ever met as a friend. I know plenty of people who will add someone to their friends list if the name even sounds familiar to them, just IN CASE they might know the person. Then there are others who will add anyone who adds them. I am not like that, because I can honestly say I don’t care about those people’s daily activities. With my close friends, I am happy to share my wise thoughts in the form of a status and I’d love their comments on my pictures. But… then there’s Twitter. I made an account out of an attempt to understand the purpose. I quickly realized… this is REALLY boring. I’m searching through my friend’s Tweets, realizing that there aren’t more than 5 I’d ever really want to see, and even then, I’d rather get more than 140 characters of detail from them if I actually like the person. I’m not saying Twitter is pointless. For businesses, advertising, music, and so on, Twitter is great (In fact, please follow RevengeOfThePC on Twitter, you will love our Tweets – we are the exception). But for an individual, not a business, Twitter’s purpose eludes me.

Now, I know everyone thinks that Facebook and Twitter have become worhty of recognition for the revolutions in the Middle East. They are both incredibly fast ways to spread information and thoughts, and difficult to censor due to such a vast population that uses it. Or… are there that many people that use it? In the Middle East, the answer is no. In fact, it’s a huge minority (please excuse the oxymoron) that uses social networking over in that region of the world. Twitter and Facebook were not used to organize huge protests. It might have helped start it among a small group of people, but they were not responsible for overthrowing governments. So, let’s remember, it’s social networking. Twitter is useful, in my opinion, for advertising or sending messages to large groups of people you have no connection to but who you want to get money from. Facebook, if used wisely, can be used for actual friend-making.