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Bulletstorm Review



Ah one of my many favorite quotes from Bulletstorm! I officially declare it the MOST fun game I have ever played!

The campaign was incredibally strong. There were absolutely no dull moments, every second was filled with epic monster killing or pointless profanity. The quote listed above is the most popular. I won’t spoil the campaign, but you land on an old vacation world, abandoned by all except the people who couldn’t escape…they became mutants! You later want revenge on a particular General, and will do anything necessary to kill him.
So on to the main thing. You need points so survive the campaign, as they are usaed to buy ammo and guns. You need them, very much. So how do you gather points? Kill Creatively. Yes, that’s right, it feeds us phycopaths with some glorious disgusting deaths. You get extra points, let’s say, if you electrically leash someone through a metal grid, they will then be split into multiple pieces, and you get points! Or let’s say, you leash a guy into, face a cactus, and then right when he gets near you, kick him with all your might into it. BEST GAME EVER!


Image from GiantBomb.com

The graphics of Bulletstorm are nothing short of awesome. The game is built on Unreal Technology using Unreal Engine 3, which is a competitor of CryTek. So the graphics are comparable to Crysis 2. The textures are beautiful and everything looks immaculate.

Unreal Engine 3 makes it possible to have very large maps, making huge levels much easier to create. In Bulletstorm, the whole game takes place on one map, it is just split into different areas with different environments. This is much easier for your computer to process as well. The animations and cut scenes are perfect, and even people with lower to mid-range graphics cards can take part in the fun. I played on an ATI Radeon 5770 and played on highest detail settings without any hiccups. Awesome, right?

Multiplayer in Bulletstorm is far different than the kind that you would find in other FPS games like Call of Duty. Instead of fighting on small maps against another team of people, you actually get a team and fight off these AI creatures. You once again think of creative ways to kill as a team.

Trust me. This is incredible.

Final Thoughts
If you are looking for a genuinely fun game to play and are immune to crazy amounts of gore and profanity, then this is by far the best game for you. I would rate it a fantastic 9/10, an extra point would be possible if they had more multiplayer modes, but hey I can’t complain too much!

Release the true potential of your iPhone

RevengeofthePC homescren

If you have an iPhone, you probably know how locked up the system is, and how tough it is to customize anything. I know that pain, and lucky for us, people out there in the deepest darkest realms of the internet have provided us with many solutions.

Well despite my odd dark internet realm thing, there really are people out there who make it very possible to really change the look and feel of your iOS device. Here I will try to give lots of ways that you can do so.

The first and most common way is to perform a “Jailbreak” of your iPhone. This is very commonly done now, so there are very safe ways to perform a jailbreak. Also, if there happened to be an issue, it is as easy as clicking the little “restore” button inside iTunes to say goodbye to your jailbreak.
Jailbreaking your iPhone really brings a ton of life to your phone. You can choose to install the application, Cydia, with your jailbreak. Cydia is the APP Store for Jailbroken devices. Don’t worry though, you still have full access to the Apple APP Store. Inside Cydia there are 100,000s of Applications and tweeks just waiting for you to click the little download button. Some of these include Facetime over 3G and many, many ways to make your phone look like and act like an Android device. There are many other things that are worthy of your time, just go check them out! To jailbreak your phone, type “jailbreak” in our search box above to see our jailbreak guide! Jailbreaking is the BEST way to customize your iPhone.

For those with older iPhones (3G and back **3Gs not included), there are ways to take video recordings, which trust me, are very useful.
There is a 99 cent application on the Apple APP store called iVideoCamera. This APP basically makes it possible for the camera on your phone to be used as a video camera. The quality will not be as nice as the quality you would see on an iPhone 4, but low quality video is better than no video at all! To really make this APP even more worth its 99 cents, it comes with 20 free video effects, something that the regular camera APP on the newest iPhones doesn’t even offer. So in a way, you win. Another feature is sharing. You can upload the videos to Facebook, Twitter, whatever suits you best.

Unlocking your iPhone
For travelers like me and business people, unlocking your iPhone can be enormously helpful. If you travel abroad, you may have noticed the huge data roaming costs and other expenses on your bill after returning home. (may??! It is pretty damn noticeable for those…non-billionares…) These expenses come from simply leaving your Sim card in your phone and letting AT&T decide what happens while your away. They make deals with the companies across the world, and these deals are simply horrific. So you may be pulling out your hair by now, so I will get to the point. If you jailbreak your phone, unlocking is just 1 step away. Just go to this link: http://www.pcworld.com/article/137223/how_to_unlock_an_iphone.html

Install Opera Mini
I know, Safari is slow as can be. It takes forever to Revengeofthepc.com, WTF?! Well now it is easier to access our site than ever on your mobile device. (Er…maybe other sites too, but I’ll stay away from that topic) It is completely free, and saves so many valuable seconds of your life, whether you are in a Googling contest with a friend, or stalking another friend (of course on Google). To be serious, it really is a fantastic browser. It has fantastic multi-tab support, so multi-tasking is a breeze. It will actually load them (completely) while your browsing another page to save you time. This will not however affect rendering, it is still smoother than silk.

How to save images from your web broswer
This one is very simple, but very useful. If you find yourself with an amazing image you don’t want to forget, just press your finger on the image for a couple seconds, then press the popup that says, “Save Image”.

How to *really* force quite applications
If you are a really heavy user, always multi-tasking and such, you will most probably find yourself with the occasion APP that just will not close. The common fix is to simply hold the home button for several seconds. However, that only works if the application is somewhat stuck. Let’s say, however, that your phone is really REALLY stuck and the holding home button isn’t fixing it, and you have something important open so you cannot power down your phone, then you can try the “always working fix”. You can do this by holding the sleep button for several seconds until the device asks you to power down, then press the home button until you reach the home screen!

Thanks for reading, everyone! If you feel I missed something, which is entirely possible, just mention it in the comment thread!

I hope you guys enjoyed

The Advaita Concept Exclusive Interview!


Hi everyone! Here is an interview of one of my favorite bands, The Advaita Concept!

First we asked them how the band was formed and if they had already known each other.
The band was formed midway through 2010 after Alec and Karlton began writing music for a few months. Karlton has been playing with Mark and Rob for over 8 years, so it was only natural to bring them into to fill out the band. Steve joined the band, flying down from New York, in January of this year, taking the place of previous vocalist Conrad.

What inspired you guys to enter the world of music?
What inspired us to enter the world of music? How much time do you have. This goes back as far as wanting to play like Iced Earth, Nevermore, Soilwork or any of the bands we listened to in high school. Currently, we just try to always out do ourselves while evolving our music.

What are your plans for the future?
For the future, we mainly just want to be able to get out on tour and search for a lable while we’re at it.

Do you guys have any plans for touring or album release in the coming months?
We’ve talked about touring. It’ll eventually happen, just takes proper planning. We have also been working very hard trying to get enough music to pick and choose from for a full length album.

Also since we are a Tech site, what kind of technology do you use to mix and master your music?
We record everything in Cubase 5, drums are sampled using Toontrack Superior Drummer 2.0, guitars and bass are recorded through the Axe Fx and for vocals we use a Rhode nt1000 and a Shure SM7b. Alec mixes with the stock Cubase plugins and uses the Izotope Ozone software for mastering.

That’s all folks! You can visit their facebook page here to give them a listen and a like! https://www.facebook.com/TheAdvaitaConcept

Battlefield Bad Company II review!

Hey everyone!

With all the buzz about Battlefield III right now, I felt it necessary to provide a detailed review on the latest Battlefield title, Bad Company II!


The campaign is pretty large, providing several hours of non-stop gameplay. In the game, your character, Marlow is part of an awesome squad that completely destroys whatever is thrown at them. I may have made the game sound easy there, but there are definitely some tough parts where I did have to think a bit. I was really surprised with the constant high-quality missions and how well things just…flowed. The characters were really interesting and throughout the campaign, I really grew attached to my squad members! Creepy? Normally, but not in this game.


Battlefield Bad Company II sets a new standard for FPS graphics. Stunning is the only word acceptable. This is largely due to the Frostbite 1.5 engine used in the development. The Frostbite engine allows for destruction, basically, if you see a building and you are holding an RPG, the building crumbles. Not only that, but if you do enough damage, the building will actually collapse, killing all those inside if they don’t get out in time. This was the main factor that got me addicted to the game. It was this new feature that should be included in all games, this had me completely move away from the CoD series. Really, how annoying is it to have a MISSILE strike a building in CoD and have nothing happen? This game allows for total immersion.


The Multiplayer aspect of this game is simply unbeatable. There is no moment where I am not completely focused, trying to get my next kill. The maps are large, allowing for lots of car, truck, or heli use. There are also lots of unlocks and levels that are really fun to achieve, and it’s not like you are automatically doomed when you are level 1 either, if you learn quickly you have a good chance.


Battlefield Bad Company II truly strives everywhere. There is absolutely no area where it could be any better. (Well that is until Battlefield 3 comes out this December!) This game is truly worth a “Buy”!

How to mod your PlayStation 2 (for Free)!

The PlayStation 2 is easy as hell to mod, if of course you are willing to spend $30.something dollars. However, others like me feel that paying 30 bucks to mod a console is one, a rip off, and two, there is no room for pride.


So here is the tutorial!

First off, know that modifying a PS2 allows for people to play games that they download off the internet and play off of a burnt DVD. Some people use the modification to play games that they have not previously owned, which is in fact illegal. Revenge of the PC does not in any way support pirating as this is illegal. Revenge of the PC also has no responsibility for any damage caused to your PS2 or any other issues.


So after that note, let’s start with software that will be needed.

1. uTorrent

2. Apache v1.1

3. DVD Decryptor (Actual name of Program)

4. 7-zip or WinRar

5. uLaunchelf v. 4.2.1

6. Daemon Tools (any version)

You will also need the ORIGINAL 007 Agent Under Fire PlayStation 2 disk! (Sorry! We have personally tried other games and found them not to work!)


Before you do any of these steps, you must follow this tutorial which is essential: http://www.instructables.com/id/Mod-a-PlayStation-2-Slimline-for-FREE!-NO-CHIPS!/


Step 1: Download the 007 Agent Under Fire torrent.

a. Go to http://thepiratebay.org/torrent/4408119/James_Bond_-_Agent_Under_Fire_PS2_PAL.iso

b. Download

c. This should open uTorrent. To make the file download quicker, right click on the file, hover over Bandwidth priority, and click High.


Step 2:

a. Extract Files once download has completed (If not done so already, this step does not apply to those who already have the file in the .ISO format)

b. Double Click on the File in uTorrent

c.  Highlight all the files (if not already in .ISO)

d. Click Extract File


Step 3:

a. Open Daemon Tools

b. Drag the ISO file into Daemon Tools

c. Double click on the File

d. The File should now be mounted


Step 4:

a. Open DVD Decryptor

b. Go to “Mode”

c. Go to ISO—-> Read

d. Select the source of which the file is mounted to.

e. Click “Decrypt” (The large DVD to Drive picture at the bottom of the application.


Step 5:

a. Open Apache v. 1.1

b. Go to File, Open ISO

c. Find the File, “Driving.Elf”

d. Click that File, go to “ISO Tools”

e. Press “Change TOC for selected File”

f. Under “size”, change the Size to the exact amount of bytes as the file “Uncompressed boot.elf” located in uLaunchelf 4.2.1

To find exact size, right click on the Uncompressed Boot.elf, click properties, exact amount should be there.

g. Click Update.

h. Rename Uncompressed boot.elf to “Driving.ELF”


J. Click “Update Selected File” and browse for the file you just renamed Driving.Elf.


Step 6: BURN TIME!

a.  Go to DVD Decryptor

b. Go to Mode>ISO>Write

c. Burn the file to a blank DVD.


Step 7: Swap

a. Using the official disk, load level two, the driving level.

b. Swap the disks at this point, keeping the console powered on.

c. The console should now come up with a different screen that will allow you to launch any exploit you so choose. I recommend inserting a USB Stick loaded with FREE MCBOOTLoader which will allow you to not have to do this all over again!


If you have any questions, just comment below or email me at brian@revengeofthepc.com or badler1@revengeofthepc.com!





Development video of Final Effort 2011 released! Watch it below!

Watch here: Final Effort 2011–Island under Development


This video is of an island map in its development stage. The final version will vary much, with improved graphics, game-play, and of course much more content!


The rest of the Crysis 2 review is now published!

Image Source: playstationlifestyle.net

Check out the third trailer for Battlefield 3! Hope you are as astounded as we are!

Battlefield 3 Fault Line Episode 3

Crysis 2 Review coming tomorrow!