Minecraft Gun Mod


Jordan here, and today I am going to teach you about the best mod ever: SDK’s gun mod.
It comes with: AK47, MP5, sniper rifle, new gun, shotgun, flamethrower, desert eagle, rocket launcher, laser-guided rocket launcher, SG552, and the Gatling gun.
Grenades: explosive, stun, smoke, sticky
Other: Flammable oil
Lighter block (Lights on fire when powered)
Nuke (5x the power of TNT)
Cannon block (Right click with TNT to fill, power to fire)
Nightvision goggles
Scuba tank
Grinder block (Grinds flint and gravel into gunpowder)
Gold coins (possible server currency)
Player spawners
Weapon spawners
Can set world indestructible (player can only shoot and pick up items)
Respawn with desert eagle and some ammo

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